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Panoramic view of the marina dock with some sailboats on the Angachilla River.

Come and stay with us in ... The Marina!

Hi, i am Raul
Raul Zapata, founder of The Roaring Forties Marina
The Roaring Forties Marina pennant.

Hi, I am Raúl ...

You are currently in the website of our place "The Roaring Forties Marina". You and your crew will be welcome to this beautiful paradise if you want to give us a visit after a long sailing for a well deserved rest in Valdivia. 

Raul Zapata 

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Beautiful view of albatross flying over the Pacific Ocean.

Sailing Through the Pacific Ocean Rim

"Chile, Moana Nui A Kiva" is an extraordinary expedition through the Pacific Basin, embarking from The Roaring Forties Marina in Valdivia, Chile. This 18-month, 27,000-mile journey visits 27 ports in 12 countries, uniting cultures, and heritage. Rapa Nui is central, beginning and ending the voyage with ancestral blessings, fostering camaraderie.

Our place

We are the team of "The Roaring Forties Marina", this is home to us. No matter whether you are sailing in the south Pacific on your way to Cape Horn or, you already are a "Cape Horner" and now you are heading to Rapa Nui or central Chile, you will be welcome to spend some time with us in our beautiful marina while you enjoy the multiple amenities in place to make your staying unforgettable

Beau Geste sailing in Angachilla river

How to get here

The town of Valdivia is located 840 km to the south of Santiago, capital city of Chile, right on the verge of the "roaring forties" (Lat 40° S).The marina is in the urban area of the city of Valdivia, on the river Angachilla, less than two hours upstream from Corral. 

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What to do ...

You may either want to stay in the marina and enjoy the multiple amenities available, to explore the gorgeous surroundings or,  to visit the attractions in the region such as lakes with pristine waters, amazing volcanic environments, 17th century forts, etc. 

Beau Geste moored at the dock of the marina
Night view of our iconic lighthouse on the banks of the Angachilla River.

Values and Principies

  • We do not compromise or let others compromise the safety of our staff or guests.

  • We respect the ecosystem in which we live and encourage others to do the same.

  • We do what we say we are going to do.

  • Mutual respect and loyalty are central to the way we treat each other.

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