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Set sail from Quintero

Captain's log. In Quintero, Monday, November 27, 2023.

The last few days in Quintero were very special. Along with feeling more and more at home, we continued to enjoy the beauty of the place and the affection of the Quinteranos.

One night, when I was sleeping on board with the hatch to the roof of my cabin open, an otter tried to get inside the boat. Fortunately for me, I had kept the mosquito netting installed, which prevented the friendly but stinky mustelid from getting in. I can't imagine the awakening I would have had if the bug had landed on me. Not to mention the smell it would have left if we managed to solve the challenge of getting it out.

As we approached the moment of departure, the preparations and pending things became less and less. Documents, paperwork, purchases, repairs, etc., everything was left behind and we were inexorably facing the moment. It is like the parachutist who sees how the line advances in the plane until it is his turn, he has only the door of the aircraft in front of him, and he only has to step forward.

The departure was scheduled for 5:00 p.m., so we moved from the buoy at the Quintero Yacht Club to the ASIMAR dock, where a small meeting and farewell would take place on the dock.

At the moment of setting sail, we positioned ourselves in front of the ASIMAR dock and we set the sails right there. The little wind there was, of discreet magnitude but with the right direction, allowed us to set sail with prestige from the place, without having to use the engine and carrying the sails inflated upside down.

When we chased the sails, the boats that were circulating or were anchored, began to sound their sirens. Everyone we could see waved their arms in farewell. This, together with the sight of family members, new friends and authorities on the dock, made the moment tremendously exciting.

I am surprised to perceive the way and the magnitude in which the project "Chile, Moana Nui A Kiva", has become known and has managed to reach the hearts of so many people. This commits me enormously and encourages me even more to fulfill the objectives we have set for ourselves. It is beautiful to know that we sail accompanied, that we not only carry our beloved flag, but also the dream of many Chileans who accompany us virtually.

The wind after setting sail dropped quite a bit, which has made the process of getting away from the coast a bit slow. I have set myself the goal of not starting the engine between Quintero and Rapa Nui and it starts right here ... we will have to put up with that.

Fortunately, we did not bring that otter on board. The beautiful Quintero and its warm people, its Yacht Club, where we left good friends, Father Gabriel Sama and the wonderful work of the Little Cotolengo, pride for Quintero, the dock of ASIMAR S.A., our sailing companions and managers of this beautiful project, are already dissipating in the distance. New challenges await us, beyond the horizon.

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